The Record Attempt for Narnia

The aim of Project Narnia could not be simpler; just to build a bicycle completely out of wood and to use it to challenge the world speed record for wooden bicycles.

Much of the manufacturing has been accomplished and we are now looking for the right venue for the record attempt, which we hope to organise for early Spring 2013. So, if you are the owner of a track with a long level surface, off the public highways, Or indeed someone with an influence on such owners, please get in contact with us, using the email link on the left. Could someone ring Bernie Ecclestone please!

Besides the fact that we want to see the culmination of this project, into a recognised attempt at an established world record, we would like to increase awareness of the good work of the MND Association. It is for this reason we are looking for the free use of the venue and anyone who would like to sponsor us in our support for the MNDA.

If you have connections with the local press, would like to sponsor us, have a suitable track, want to come along to the record attempt, or just like to know more about the project, please contact us using the email link on the left.